What is the procedure of allocating miner to data center?

Buyer orders miner on the website, which confirms his place in the queue.
The buyer contacts the dealer and expresses a desire to purchase a Sunrise. Dealer list: https://www.rmc-one.ru/stat-dilerom
The transaction is documented with the prepayment by the buyer of  50% of the total order to the dealer. Prepayment is due in RMC at the current exchange rate at the time of payment.
On the website https://radiushost.ru/hosting buyer downloads the collocation agreement, signs it and sends signed copy via mail.
Within 5 business days miner will be prepared for shipment and sent to the data center. Delivery to the data center is be free. Miner gets to collocation the next day. When miner arrives to datacenter, the buyer pays the remaining 50% of the order (in RMC) at current exchange rate.
The miner is configured and connected to BTC mining.
The buyer pays rent and electricity fees according to the terms of the contract. Payment must be made in the BTC or fiat money. It will not be deducted from dividends.
The owner monitors the work of the miner on the pool Bitcoin-Russia.ru
The owner of the miner supervises the payment of dividends, which will be sent to his wallet. The wallet will display the amount of accumulated dividends and mining transactions.