1. To start the KYC procedure, click the link, or select the corresponding item in the menu on the website
  2. Read the “Agreement on the processing of personal data.”
  3. Enter your phone number and enter the verification code that will come in sms.

  4. Enter a valid email address. You will receive a confirmation letter. Follow the link in the email to continue with the KYC procedure.
    If the letter does not arrive, check the spam folder. In case of an error in writing an email, go through the confirmation procedure from the beginning. In case of problems, describe the situation to the support manager.
  5. Following the link from the letter, fill out the form.
  6. To confirm the entered data, you need to attach:
    1. Photo of the main page of the passport or ID (photo, where the full name, date of birth, photo, series and document number are indicated);
    2. Photo of the passport page with the place of residence, or a document confirming the place of residence (bank statement, utility bill);
    3. Selfie with an open passport.

Make sure that the lighting is sufficient and the photos quality is good. Information should be readable.