Instructions for working in the Bill Manager system

The withdrawal of funds for colocation services will occur from an account in the Bill Manager system. For the smooth operation of your devices, you need to regularly maintain a positive account balance within the system.
This manual describes how to register a new device and fund your account.


  1. Registration in the system
  2. Adding new devices
  3. Account replenishment
  4. The recommended amount to pay for electricity

To get started, register in the system and enter the data of the payer:

  1.  Register on the site, confirm the email and log in to your account.*

    * – Please note that the country specified during registration cannot be changed later.
  2. In the personal account menu, go to the Client> Payers tab, then select “Add” to create a new payer.
  3. Creating a new payer
    Step 1: Select your country, leave the status of the payer unchanged.

    Step 2: Fill out the questionnaire. Pay attention to the required field “Wallet” – this is the address of your RMC wallet, from which the miner was purchased and charged for colocation services.

Adding devices

(repeat for each device)

  1. On the main page (Dashboard), you must select “Order a service”
  2. Select a miner and payment period

  3. Fill in the details and add the order to the cart. “Worker” is the name of your miner, you can choose any one.

After creating a payer and adding all the miners, you need to replenish the balance in the system:

  1. After creating a payer, go to the tab Billing>Payments and select “Add”
  2. Enter the deposit amount, select the currency and payment method. The recommended amount for payment of electricity you can find below.
  3. Select a payer with the specified RMC wallet address
  4.  Verify that the payer’s data is correct. If necessary, fill in the contact information.
  5. Transfer money to the account.

The recommended amount to pay for electricity by type of miners for the month.

Recommended amount: 13000 rubles*

Recommended amount: 13000 rubles*

Recommended amount: 24000 rubles*

Recommended amount: 30000 rubles*

Recommended amount: 13000 rubles*

* – Actual amount may vary.