Instructions for connecting a new RMC wallet

Exchange of new tokens will be made automatically, it is enough to keep tokens in the Mycelium app.
The Mycelium wallet will be connected some time after the transition, so if you need faster access to your funds, it is possible to use our new wallet available on the computer.

In order to use a new wallet and speed up the process of obtaining tokens, you must:
1. Prepare a backup copy of your wallet in Mycelium (PDF file with keys and password). If you still do not have a backup for some reason, here’s the instruction.

If you do not have a backup, or if you have problems with Backuputil, you can export the private key in an unencrypted form directly from the Mycelium app.

Make sure of security, do not show anyone your private key!

On the accounts page, tap the add account icon and then press the button which appears in the top right corner. Select Export option in a drop down menu.

Then follow the instructions and you will be able to get your private key in unencrypted form


2. Download the wallet for your OS:

Windows (x64) 


3. When you start the wallet for the first time, enter the received WIF key in the line and press the OK button. If you hurried and opened a wallet without a WIF key, then it’s okay, you can replace it. For Replacement go to the menu Actions -> Key managemetn -> Replace account


Enter the received WIF key and click OK

4. Your balance is accrued.


If you can not get the private key in unencrypted form, follow these steps:

5. Download the Backuputil script (macOS; Windows). In case you do not have Java SE Development Kit on your device, download it from the official 6eveloper’s site –
6. In the terminal window run Backuputil script (on Windows we run backuputil.cmd), enter the string with the encrypted key and the password, get the Wallet Import Format key.

Run Backuputil on the command line


Enter the private key and 15-digit password, as shown in the example.

Example of the result. We are interested in the Private Key (or WIF – Wallet Import Format)

7. Go to step 3