In what state is Multiclet development right now?

Is it possible to publish some sort of report about work in this direction, a progress bar on the website, etc.?

Work is in full swing. But is currently in a stage where there is nothing to show, and it will last a few months. As there will be something to show – will send a cameraman. We are considering making a progress bar. Multiclet will be manufactured after testing of a new 28 nm chip.

UPD 22/11/17: Yesterday, 21.11.2017, in the office of the company Multiclet in Yekaterinburg there was a meeting between Dmitry Marinichev, Sergei Bobylev and representatives of the Multiclet. They discussed current results of the development. Today we show you a report from representatives of the Multiclet over what has already been achieved and what will the next stage be:
– Already completed development of a core block – multicell of a  64-bit cell processor “Multiclet S1”. Multicell is a functionally complete 4-cell processor core that can be used both independently and as multicell to build 8, 16, or 64 cell processors. Unlike previously developed and released to the market multicell processors, processor “Multiclet S1” is a heavily optimized implementation of the multicell architecture, which provides a reduction in chip area, increased productivity and a sharp decline in energy consumption.
– For preliminary evaluation of the use of technical solutions carried out the synthesis toponome 40nm RTL-code multiclade CPU “Multiclet S1” and the previously released kernel CPU “Multiclet R1”. Comparative results confirmed their performance – area and power consumption decreased by more than three times while increasing productivity. This allows to reach the declared parameters of the RMC project. These decisions also allowed to use for prototyping the middle of the model FPGA. In particular, for testing the kernel currently used FPGA Virtex-6 family model (xc6vlx240t).
– Released alpha version of the assembler CPU “Multiclet S1”, which is used to develop test software kernel and standard libraries. Work has begun on the adaptation of an existing C-compiler processor “Multiclet R1” created on the basis of LLVM, for use in programming a processor “Multiclet S1”.