How to receive dividends to new members of the club in another app?

How to receive dividends to new members of the club? How to receive dividends on the BTC wallet in another app?


  1. Create a new RMC wallet and send tokens from the exchange.

    To create a new RMC wallet, when you first open the RMCWallet program, you need to click “Cancel”


    The wallet has been successfully created. You can send RMC tokens.

  2. Next, you need to export the private key of this wallet.

    Export private key of your RMC wallet.

    When a private key is copied it remains to import it into any BTC purse that supports this function.

  3. Import a private key into the Mycelium wallet

    In the account management menu of the Mycelium app, select “Add account”


    Select “Advanced”


    Insert the private key from the clipboard.


    Select the BTC, since dividends are accrued in Bitcoin



    Now you can use your dividends in any convenient for you app.