Good afternoon, dear participants!

Today, RMC is celebrating its first birthday. Exactly a year has passed since the start of the ICO!

We would like to take a look on this past year, look back to see what an impressive path has been passed and what heights have been reached, despite the difficulties.

Sunrise Miners

Throughout the year, the developers of sunrise miners actively worked, constantly improving the model range, looking for the best combination of power consumption and computing power.

During this time, we have launched a line of Sunrise miners and made it into a product that can compete with global manufacturers, and we have 3 fundamentally different directions.

Sunrise water-cooled miners, one of which is Sunrise s11w

Sunrise s11w

Miners-heaters and miners-water-boilers, such as Sunrise s11b

Sunrise s11b

Classic version: air-cooled Sunrise miners. An outstanding representative of these is our new model Sunrise s13i, the full computational performance of which is 49 Th at a power consumption not exceeding 3,9 kW.

Sunrise s13i

You can definitely choose the perfect model to suite your needs!


The Joint Mining Club

The Joint Mining Club grew throughout the year. The total amount paid since the creation of the RMC-Club is 185 BTC, or $ 2 million. Current daily income 1 RMC is about $1, at peak times during the year, the daily income reached almost $10.

Daily income per 1 RMC

USD-profitability of daily accruals to RMC owners: 7% – 9% per annum

USD-yield on 1 RMC cumulative total since September 2017 accounts for 15% – 20% per annum

USD-Yield for 1 RMC


Bitcoin-Russia Pool

Bitcoin-Russia.ru pool is also constantly growing and is a consolidator of Russian mining capacity.

The current HashRate of our pool is already at stable 100 Ph/s, and the number of participants in the pool is steadily approaching 250. Currently, the first Russian RMC pool is ranked 23rd in the global pool ranking for the last 3 months.


B-R pool HashRate


Also, we are excited to announce that the strategic development department of RMC project issued own app for token storage – RMC wallet and its web version Today, according to the expert community, this is the most secure version of the crypto-wallet.

It is worth remembering that at the beginning of this year we transferred the token to our own blockchain. This is an unprecedented experience for Russian and international ICO projects. This blockchain takes into account the experience of the international community in the field of integration with the banking infrastructure. The achievable peak speed of transaction processing is 15,000 per second, which is comparable to similar parameters of VISA and MasterCard international payment systems.

For the convenience of new and existing participants throughout year, we have come to an agreement on trading the RMC token with new exchanges.


Development of processor and miner Multicell goes in a steady pace throughout the year. At the moment, we continue to actively work on the creation of a chip for the Multicell miner. Assembler and linker are already finished and are put into operation and are used in simulations of the processor. We ordered and received the latest FPGA emulator from INTEL. Our engineers are in the phase of active testing. In the near future we are waiting for practical results, which will be reported immediately.


In the wake of positive we should mention the negative side. And there is one. Of course, the fact of a slight lag from the originally planned schedule of processor development upsets us and you — the project participants. We understand and realize that we all want to have a new universal miner yesterday. Unfortunately that is not how things go in real life. But the main thing in our work is that we have already synthesized one multicell and it has demonstrated its efficiency. Not just demonstrated, but also pre-confirmed our performance expectations. This is a huge breakthrough!

We also know our flaws, such as the lack of any marketing and, according to some of our investors, “neglect” of informing ICO participants. We acknowledge that. We recognize and try to improve now in a more conscious and adult period of the project life. The engineering Foundation of our team prevails in us, and we, absorbed in the excitement of the world engineering competition, sometimes really do not realize the importance human communication and the importance for you of timely information about the results of the project.

We recognize this and will do our best to correct your discomfort. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that in the near future you will find pleasant and interesting news, as well as a large November RMC conference. At which you will have the opportunity to personally see the production site and collocation of the project, which presents the existing models of equipment and various cooling systems.

Behind each result we achieve there is a lot of work done. We thank all those who supported us during the year and all those who remain with us. Thank you for being there!


With deep respect,

Your RMC team.